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ISP Auto has been established in Konya in Turkey and started to export in 2006 and since then enhanced its range to the countries such as Germany, Spain, Poland, England, Ireland, S Africa, USA, Italy, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, S. Korea, Tunisia, Kazakhstan and New Zealand. ISP Auto is a proud wholesale supplier of brake discs, brake pads, brake chambers, drum brake components, brake shoes, and brake linings. ISP Auto products are ISO certified and are of excellent quality and strives to meet customers’ demand at competitive prices. Quality Assurance at ISP Auto surpasses any other consideration that a customer has ever recognized and is, therefore, always manifested in every aspect of Product that is designed and manufactured at ISP Auto – following uneven commitment in engineering, different quest for precision in Manufacturing and uncompromising standards in Quality Management.
ISP Auto’s main business is caliper repair kits manufacturing. All ISP Auto’s caliper repair kits are manufactured according to industry quality standards. ISP Auto manufactures brake caliper repair kits for the brands such as Wabco, BPW, Haldex, SAF Holland, in accordance with industrial quality standards. The production range for export is mainly its own product group, brake caliper repair kits and presents thousands of products to its customers through the website and manages whole sales network via on-line customer relations. High quality and best service are its main commitment. Customer satisfaction and trustworthy relationship are the basic principles of ISP Auto’s commercial relations.
As the times goes by, ISP Auto has added knowledge to its quality management system that are backed up with excellent after sales services and established the commercial relationship with its customers based on trust and quality. ISP Auto always gives priority to modern production methods, research and development processes and quality control managements. Throughout the years, in accordance with the demand from its customers, logistic center was established in İzmir and added latest technology to its production line and gives momentum to research and development processes. As the marketing network grows, ISP Auto is capable of exporting its products from 2 to 30.000 pieces and has premises of 6.000 square meters of which has covered area of 2.000 square meters in Konya. ISP Auto is capable of receiving ongoing shipments and making its stocks readily available for its customers’ needs. It is also possible for ISP Auto to offer a full backup warranty of its products confidently and efficiently. ISP Auto may offer a free courier/delivery service for all its customers.
ISP Auto believes that its customers deserves high quality products and services. ISP Auto is always striving for excellent service and is solution-oriented. Being authentic, fair and consistent are among its core values. Avoiding the sense of arrogance and always open to improving itself, ISP Auto considers staying on its promises as an ethical value.
On the other hand, ISP Auto sees its staff as treasure and considers to invest in them as a contribution to the future. ISP Auto supports employer’s skills and interests, inspire them to hope to be the best they can. Teamwork is also core value for ISP Auto.
ISP Auto also embraces trust and respect and treats every person with respect at all times, regardless of race, color or religious belief. It embraces diversity for humanity and for a better future. ISP Auto feels the responsibility how ISP Auto works and cares about its perception in the market.
ISP Auto always strives to increase its reputation and performance of the company by means of its social and commercial activities and is open to share collaboration and knowledge to maintain standards, goals and business vision. Permanent improvement has always been a priority. ISP Auto is believing that positive attitude is a way to inspire humans and is on its way to being a part of a happy and peaceful world.