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09.801.07.63.1 - 05.801.50.90.0 - Caliper Tappet & Boot Set




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All of the auto owners know that they should to have useful and practical vehicles, materials, equipment etc. If any system of the autos is out of order on the way, it is a big trouble for drivers and also companies. Because of solving these problems, every driver must to carry the most available and useful repair kits for their autos. Especially for the trucks, the same rule is valid.

The brake systems need to have really important and available equipment. If this system has an alert, driver or repair man should applies important methods with their caliper repair kits. In this point, for the trucks, Truck Trailers Caliper Repair Kits are selected by people and their companies frequently.

It is important that having perfect trucks with the best engine and brake systems. So, these caliper repair kits should be evaluated by all the people.

09.801.07.63.1-05.801.50.90.0-Caliper Tappet & Boot Set

9029 Tappet 2
8980 Tappet Boot 2
8981 Locker 2
9275 Clamp 2
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