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6403226262-Caliper Boot Pin Repair Kit




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There are thousands of parts and materials in the automotive sector and responsible men need to have these things to apply on the autos when these autos must to be operated because of some problems in the repair or maintenance period. In these times, using available and appropriate materials is very important topic. If these nice things are used, all the problems can be solved easily.

Especially for the brake systems, using materials must be the perfect ones. If the driver wants to get the perfect results from the car performance, the calipers and other instruments are on the scene. Of course all the calipers can be different because of the modals but the Maxx 22 Caliper is the best one for its own area.

People can use these calipers for their cars and they can get the highest performance from the brake system of the auto.
640 322 626 2-Caliper Boot Pin Repair Kit

4590 Caliper Pin - Ø 38 / 120 mm 1
4591 Caliper Pin - Ø 38 / 76 mm 1
4592 Pin Bolt - M16 x 1.5 / 120 mm 1
4725 Pin Bolt - M16 x 1.5 / 80 mm 1
7020 Pin Bush - Ø 42x38 /35 mm 3
4596 Pin Cap- Ø 42 /17 mm 2
4594 Tabbet Boot 1
4595 Pin Boot 2
4603 Washer 2
4736 Caliper Head Cap 1
5665 Grease (White) - 5g 2

6403226262-Caliper Boot Pin Repair Kit
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