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Caliper Pin Repair Kit

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On the world, all the car owners know that they need to have nice and available materials. With all of these equipment and materials, the repairmen apply some methods on the engine or brake systems. At the final, the high performance results are hoped from the cars. When you think this subject, you can notice that using perfect materials is needed.

The brake systems are very interesting and critical systems for the cars. Because of having nice brake systems, using true calipers is also important. So, the Pan 22 Calipers are preferred by a lot of companies and people who are in this area.

Using these calipers can get the high performance from the brakes systems and drivers can be sure of their cars. Trustable systems can be get in this way. Finding true calipers is really critical thing for the system health. People can select their calipers among perfect selections.

6605 Caliper Pin 38/128 mm 1
6606 Caliper Pin 38/70 mm 1
6587 Pin Bolt 16x1,5x130 mm 1
4493 Pin Bolt 16x1,5x80 mm 1
4593 Pin Bush 38/42/80 mm 3
4757 Pin Boot (White) 2
4603 Washer 2
4596 Pin Cap 42/17 mm 1
6601 Ring 42x57x11 mm 1
6536 Pin Bellow Cap 1
5665 Grease 1
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