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Caliper Complete Repair Set - R




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Everyone knows that automotive sector is very different and interesting area for the owners, drivers and repairmen. There are too many parts, so much different materials, necessary things etc. In this point, when we focus on the systems such as engine or brake, we can understand that these parts are the key parts of the autos. So, people must to care about these things to get the high performance from the cars.

There are some materials and equipment in this area to apply on the brake systems when the maintenance or repair time. The best selections must be preferred, such as Wabco Caliper Carrier. Repairmen know that these calipers are really critical things for the vehicles.

At the final, you can get the perfect results for the performance and brake systems are being stronger after applying all these materials. Companies also prefer these calipers for the cars.

4759 Caliper Boot & Pin Repair Kit 1
3443 Brake Lining Plate - R 1
7227 Complete Mech.Set Long  1
4620 Roller Bearing Set 1
5458 Caliper Lever 1
4768 Caliper Head Gasket Set 1
4714 Caliper Head Bolt 8
5665 Grease 1
5676 Grease (Green) - 8 g 1
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